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Guard Angel, barrier systems simplified.

An edge protection barrier system. Fast to install, aesthetic and cost effective, the Guard Angel is one of the best barrier systems on the market.

The perfect product for a variety of work environments Guard Angel does not compromise in quality or functionality, allowing you to offer your staff the best possible work environment.

It’s pre-galvanised material will prevent weathering, which extends the life cycle of the product whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. Its sturdy counterweights, made from recycled plastics, keep the rails firmly in place and prevent the need for invasive fixing methods.

Guard Angel meets high quality standards from a range of accredited institutions.

It has been independently tested to the following standards:

  • BS EN 13374:2013 Class A
  • BS EN 13374:2013 Class B
  • BS EN 14122-3; 2001,

With the Guard Angel system you can install on all different roofing types, and as the system components are universal in their design the systems can be connected together when roofing types vary on a single building.

The following versions are available:

  • Free Standing
  • Top Fix for Trapezoidal Metal Deck
  • Top Fix for Standing Seam Metal Deck
  • Top Fix for Concrete Deck
  • Parapet Fix
  • Top Fix for upto 30 deg Pitch Metal Deck.


Suitable for:

  • Membrane Roofing
  • Concrete Roofing
  • Bitumen Roofing
  • Trapezoidal Sheeting
  • Standing Seam Sheeting
  • Wall Mounted

Reduced install time & increased productivity

Designed with experienced installers the Guard Angel system provides increased productivity through industry recognised tools, ergonomically designed weights and simple to assemble sections.

With the uprights delivered assembled, and the spans created using cut to length 2.5m pre-galvanised tubing the system not only installs quickly, but leaves an aesthetically pleasing installation.

Guard Angel uses only 1 weight per 5 meter which means less weight and a faster installation.


  • Fast to install with 2.5m post centres
  • Only 1 weight every 5 metres
  • Easy handled weights of 23 KG, with built in handles
  • Recycled PVC weights and feet mean no reaction with PVC membranes
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a smooth, streamlined finish


If you want to know more about the different applications of the Guard Angel please see our different Guard Angel applications section.