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Arrestors T-line

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Product description

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About us

For far too long product developers have been listening to the market through the ears of manufacturers. The voices of the users, the installers, the safety managers and building owners seem to have been lost in the wind.
Bettersafe International are doing things differently. We are listening.
Bettersafe International are focused on delivering for you the most innovative safety solutions to niche markets, products you can use and install easier and with more confidence, and in addition to this we care about providing you with quality in service. We search the globe on your behalf and find the best there is, plus working with development partners to ensure that the products we bring to you are already field tested and designed for the market into which they are being placed.
With over 40 years of experience in the safety, distribution and global market our team strive to push the limit on service and solution, seeking new products from all over the globe and bringing them together in Bettersafe International.

Specialising in the Safety Distribution market we are Master Distributors for :