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Installer Approved & Tested
Reduced Installation Time
EN795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013, AS/NZS


Aesthetic, Advanced Horizontal Lifeline system, approved by installers.


Technically advanced, tested to European and Australian Standards the Roof Angel is a horizontal lifeline, based on 8mm cable. Designed in conjunction with lifeline installers, and field tested prior to release this is surely one of the best systems on the market, whether from a users view, or from that of the installer.

Simple to construct
Zero Impact
CE Approved to EN795:2012


The Weight Angel Safety System is a highly functional mobile man anchor which can be used in fall arrest for one user or with two simultaneous users in restraint.  The users can either be connected directly to the post, or by using the Roof Angel system to produce a horizontal restraint line.

Unique Height Safety Anchorage solution

Ideally suited to  the Crane, Tanker and ISO-Tank markets.



The TRAM is a unique height safety system that is simple to use, provides the operator with full mobility and yet completely prevents the user from falling to another level.


While other height safety systems will arrest a free fall, they can expose the user to suspension related issues or the risk of hitting obstacles while falling. TRAM overcomes this safety issue while also reducing the likelihood and consequence of a fall on the same level.