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AxxessAbseil Rope Access Davit Arms - increased ease, reach and safety, with up to 33% less penetrations and installation time

The AxxessAbseil Range of Davit Arms provide industry leading versatility to the user, with a reach of almost 2m available on the davit arm, allowing the perfect set up in all situations.

The AxxessAbseil Davit Arm, with its long reach and 360degree rotation allows the rope access technician to cover more of the façade from a single socket location than most, if not all other solutions on the market.

The Axxess Davit Arm range is intended to be used for

  • A Rope Access re-direction point (Arm)
  • A Rope Access direct anchorage (Socket)
  • The lifting of goods,
  • The lifting of persons
  • Providing a safety anchor for the prevention of falls (Socket)

Designed to be used as a re-direction anchor for live and back up systems the AxxessAbseil Davit Arm has a reach of maximum 1,957mm, whilst still at a use height of 1,859mm.  The AxxessAbseil RHS Davit Arms have a selection of 1,457mm to 1,745mm Reach with excellent parapet clearance.

A rope access re-direction davit arm is an accessory to an anchorage device designed to remove the risk of ropes running over an edge, and to facilitate the easy access and egress for the worker.

This socket is permanently attached to the structure and is designed to protect one or more people during work at height and the removeable arm is designed in such a way as to offer them maximum freedom of movement.

As with any anchorage device anyone connecting to the Axxess Davit Arm System must use Fall Protection PPE in conformity with the current regulations.

If the system is used with a different PPE from the one recommended the result may be an incompatibility of equipment with layout causing the system to be unsuitable for use and potentially dangerous.


The system complies with the current standards and requirements:
EN 795:2012,
CEN / TS 16413:2016,
BS 8610:2017


The AxxessAbseil Davit Arm range, including certain socket options, and the arm up to 1,957mm radius are suitable for Rope Access.

The Axxess Davit Arm has been tested to EN795:2012 and BS 8610:2017 for one user, and the test requirements of IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP).

The Axxess Davit Socket has been tested to EN795:2012, CEN/TS16415:2016 and BS 8610:2017 for 2 users including the 21kN static load under BS 8610:2017, and the test requirements of IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP).

Key Features:

  • Reduced Sockets over other products
  • Ease of use with the clearance under the arm for workers
  • 21kN Rated Surface Mounted Socket
  • 15kN Rated Davit Arm
  • Materials and Man Riding Compliant
  • Range of sockets for different install requirements
  • Bespoke sockets are available on request.
  • Suitable for most goods winches
  • Bespoke Winch mounting bracket service





Installation and Layout Overview

With the Axxess Davit Arm the number of sockets required is reduced, due to the reach of the davit arm.

The savings on penetrations and installation time are therefore superb, with up to 33% savings.

This saving is derived from the 3m span between sockets based on the long reach of the Axxess Davit Arm, and is compared to more standard 2m socket location centres.

By utilising the arm at maximum reach to each side, reducing to minimum reach when perpendicular to the roof edge the optimum installation parameters are reached (see below for more details – Typical Layout).

When using the Surface Mount Socket the ropes can be anchored to the eyes on the socket, but care should be taken to review the use of secondary anchorages as recommended by IRATA.

When using the Flush Mount Sockets the ropes should be anchored to secondary anchorages as recommended by IRATA.

Example Socket Requirement

Socket Options

We offer a range of sockets, tested for 2 users to EN795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2016 and BS 8610:2017

Supplied with Nylon insert to facilitate rotation under load.

Options for installation are:

  • Surface Mount
  • Flush Mount – Cast In
  • Flush Mount – Resin Fix

For each flush mount there are options for 7 Locking locations or no locking locations.

Each are supplied with a cover cap.