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As Kingspan Recommended Suppliers for Fall Protection Systems Bettersafe International offer a full range of tested and approved solutions for fall protection on all Kingspan Panel Systems, including the newly launched PowerPanel.

Our product offering means you can provide a complete access solution to your building, with a very cost effective, tested and approved range of products.

The systems will also be able to be entered when applying for cover under the QuadCore System Warranty Scheme, meaning that installation of the Axxess100 range of products on a Kingspan Panel will not infringe the requirements of the QuadCore System Warranty Scheme.

Download the Axxess100 Sales Presenter by clicking the image below:

Installer Approved & Tested Reduced Installation Time

EN795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013, AS/NZS

Aesthetic, technically advanced and tested to European and Australian Standards AxxessLine is a horizontal lifeline, based on 8mm cable. Designed in conjunction with lifeline installers, and field tested prior to release this is surely one of the best systems on the market, whether from a users view, or from that of the installer.


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AxxessLine 2022


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AxxessLine Kingspan Applications 2022


Declaration of Conformity

AxxessLine EN795-2012 Dec of Conf

Designed to install… Designed to Work… Designed to be simple…

EN13374:2013, EN14122-3:2016, BS13700:2021

Designed with installers in mind, fast to install, aesthetic and cost effective AxxessGuard is one of the best barrier systems on the market. With a 5m distance between weights and a 2.5m span between posts the AxxessGuard not only looks the part but uses less materials than other systems and is made from recycled and recyclable materials.


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AxxessGuard 2022


Declaration of Conformity

AxxessGuard Dec of Conf 2_0 Feb 2022

Rapid Installation… Robust…. Fully recycled materials…


Lightweight, fast installation, robust and cost-effective walkway system tested to EN516. Made from durable recycled materials AxxessWalk is designed to fix to the roof quickly, and can be leveled to suit any pitch, and can also include stairway sections. Suitable for profiled sheets, standing seam roofing and membrane or flat roofing AxxessWalk is simply the best system on the market.


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AxxessWalk 2022


Declaration of Conformity

AxxessWalk Dec of Conf

Roof Light Safety… Rapid Installation…. Fully recycled materials…


Lightweight, fast installation, robust and cost-effective roof light safety covers. Made from durable recycled materials it is designed to fix to the roof quickly and provide a highly visible warning to users.


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AxxessSky 2022


Declaration of Conformity

AxxessSky ACR Red Dec of Conf

Kingspan Compatability Testing

Testing our products not only to the relevant standards, but also in situ on the panels to which they will be installed is paramount to the safety of the users.  Working with Kingspan we had the Axxess100 range tested by SATRA to ensure the suitability of the installation methods and loads applied.


Below are a selection of videos for each of the principal panels manufactured by Kingspan Insulated Panels, including the newly launch PowerPanel.  Used in conjunction with the technical information available, specification is made simple.

  • Kingspan TopDek Testing

  • Kingspan RW Testing

  • Kingspan PowerPanel Testing

  • Kingspan Kingzip 1000 Testing