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The benefits of becoming a partner with Bettersafe International

With you we can do more...

Working with Bettersafe International offers more benefits to you as a partner than is initially obvious.  Where other manufacturers supply you with a product, we aim to make you part of our family.

Rapid Response

We strive to respond to you in the shortest time possible. We are always at the end of the phone, and if all the lines are busy then they are diverted to another office or to one of our mobiles.  We are ALWAYS contactable.

If you have a technical request, we will come back to you and keep you updated throughout the process of reaching a solution, we answer everyone and quickly.

Winning Work

We work alongside development partners to ensure that the products we deliver you are already field tested and designed for the market into which they are being placed.

We offer a product developed for the market into which is to be used, and we price it to win.

​Simple as that.

Own Label Electronic Literature

We will provide you with copies of all our literature in electronic (pdf) format, and we will do it in your livery, with your logo and your contact details on.  And we do this for free.

Client Focus

Unlike the majority of suppliers our single focus is ensuring that our clients, you, get the product you need when you need it.  This is done through large stocks and an open ear.  We are relaxed and responsive, we always answer our phones and we are always willing to assist in whatever means we can.

For far too long product developers have been listening to the market through the ears of manufacturers. The voices of the users, the installers, the safety managers and building owners seem to have been lost in the wind.

Bettersafe International are doing things differently. We are listening.

Reduced Installation Time​

Through our specialist partners and our unique development process we have developed all our products to be quicker to install than the competition.  With savings on different systems of up to 30% of install time, this is a large cost saving that can be passed to your customer, again helping you win work.

An example of this is how we ship Roof Angel.  The posts are fully assembled with minimal packaging, and we pre-install the intermediates, vary corners and end anchor D-Rings.  Saving time on site by up to 5 minutes per post.

Solution Provision

Got a complex request from a client?  Our advisors will work with you to develop a complete solution and offering, with supporting information to assist you in winning work with your client.  We have attended site meetings, specification meetings and client introduction meetings in a bid to add that bit extra for your client. And we do this free of charge.

Free Support

No matter what issue you are looking to resolve, Bettersafe International are here to help.  From technical solution provision, to own label literature, we offer you support across the board.  Add to this the free installer training, reduced cost training for your clients, direct to site shipping options, free calculation software and any other type of support you need, and you can see that Client Focus isn’t just a tag line, it’s an ethos.