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Bettersafe International BV; An exceptional response at the AplusA in Dusseldorf



Attending any trade show is always a gamble.  It takes time, it takes money and it takes us away from home.


However, this year in Dusseldorf when we attended the AplusA 2019 show we had such an amazing response from current customers, potential new customers and even our competition that we don’t mind any of this.


This is the third AplusA we have exhibited at as Bettersafe International, and we have gone from strength to strength over the last few years!


We met people from every continent, and from 18 different countries.  We had meetings with current customers, with those looking for something new, with people wanting to supply to us and buy from us.  The message was always the same, we partner with companies, and this message has been the same since we started.  And it seems that this message, coupled with our fabulous products has reached further than we thought!


Over the coming months we will be expanding our operations into new continents, solidifying relationships both old and new as we expand and launch new products, whilst having fun all the time we are doing it.  Because we do.  We all enjoy every day, and love meeting people who have a similar passion!


Thanks to everyone who came to see us, and we are looking forward to working alongside you for a long time to come.




The Bettersafe International Team.