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Issue 7 (Part 1 of 10): Working at Height Regulations: What it means…

Over the coming weeks we shall be producing a 10-part Insight Issue covering the UK Working at Height Regulations. Although UK specific the guidance in these documents can be used as a guide to fall protection anywhere in the world when used hand in hand with local legislation

Fall protection is a complicated issue and one of the most important faced by an employer or worksite supervisor. With over 100,000 reported incidents per year, falls from heights almost always result in serious injury.
In the construction industry, falls are the number one cause of worker death. The responsibility to prevent a catastrophe begins with the employer.​

The Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) were first introduced in 2005 in an effort to remove a lot of the loop holes in other health and safety legislation, and also remove the minimum height when regulations came into force.