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Issue 7 (Part 2 of 10): Working at Height Regulations: What it means... The Hierarchy of Measures

Since the inception of the WAH Regulations in 2005 there have been many articles and documents written around the Hierarchy of Measures.  And many of these have failed to completely portray the complete story in such a way as to explain it in a way that can be used.

In this Insight Issue we aim to redress the balance.


Called both the Hierarchy of Measures, and also the Hierarchy of Controls, traditionally the hierarchy for fall protection has been broken into a few small and broad reaching sections.

  • Avoid
  • Passive Safety
  • Fall Restraint
  • Fall Arrest

This has been expanded by some bodies however, they still do not give you a means by which you can arrive at a solution easily.

What we are going to do is expand these sections and explain how they fall into our real-world view of how this spectrum can be implemented.