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Issue 7 (Part 4 of 10): The advantages of a Walkway system

Access to roofing areas is a daily requirement across the globe.  Every roof is required to be accessed in order for the surface to be cleaned and maintained for warranty reasons, for gutters to be cleaned, for roof lights to be cleaned, for plant to be accessed for maintenance, for the roof to be repaired and many other similar reasons.  Succinctly this can be put as “access for repair and maintenance of the roofing area and associated plant”.



We hear a huge amount of talk in the industry around providing safety for those working at height, and almost always this is discussing anchorage solutions or guard rails, and indeed in our last issues this is what we have also been discussing.

However, this does not always cover off and provide complete solutions for the most common risks, or other issues associated with roof access.  The risk of falling, although high, is not the largest risk factor to face a worker on a roof.  It is the highest fatal risk, but not the highest risk of injury.  With fall protection correctly utilised to cover the fall risk, the remaining risks are often left unaddressed.

In this issue of Insight we will take a brief look at the advantages of walkway system inclusion in the roofing safety solution, both in terms of worker safety, but also the often ignored or under assumed cost to the roof of not including it.