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Issue 7 (Part 5 of 10): Fall Restraint vs Fall Arrest

Within the hierarchy of measures there are 2 main fall protection bands once elimination has been ruled out.

Passive fall protection

  • Passive fall prevetion
  • Passive fall arrest


Active fall protection

  • Active fall restraint
  • Active fall arrest

Across the world there seems to be a regular confusion over the topic of Active Fall Protection.  Even though it is a clear and concise split.

  • Fall Restraint: Zero Fall Risk – Provision of fall protection with the use of suitable PFPE and anchorages to provide a safe system of work where the worker is kept away from fall risks.


  • Fall Arrest: Minimised Effects of a Fall – Provision of fall protection with the use of absorbing PFPE and suitable anchorages to minimise the forces generated in the event of a fall.


In this issue we are going to expand on this topic and clear up the confusion!