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Issue 7 (Part 7 of 10): Full personal fall protection systems

Of all the sectors of the safety market Fall Arrest is one of the most complex, with every different scenario requiring a different solution and a different level of understanding.  It is also one of the least understood and  poorly addressed areas of personnel safety, whilst remaining one of the few sectors where the result of a wrong product decision or poor working method will almost certainly result in the death of a worker should the equipment need to be used in anger.



Following the hierarchy of fall protection as described in previous Insight Issues, Fall Arrest PPE is the final resort.

Personal Fall Protection Systems are a collection of equipment conforming to the required standards, used in conjunction with each other to ensure the safety of a worker whilst working at height.  As previously noted, proper selection of this equipment is vital.  A simple way of remembering the core components of a fall arrest system is the ABCD of Personal Fall Protection.

in this issue we will outline the main points behind equipment selection.