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Sky Angel for Domed Skylights!

Skylights and fragile roofs can pose an issue for workers required to complete their duties at height.

Sky Angel is our innovative solution manufactured from recycled materials, an easy to use piece of equipment preventing falls through Domed Skylights. With Sky Angel in place, working at height becomes all the more simple.

Sky Angel for Domed Skylights is the latest in a long line of products from Bettersafe International. It’s robust, easy to use and kinder to the environment, making it the first choice for reducing the risk of serious injury and death from falls.

In addition to the standard range of solutions we can provide you with a bespoke solution for different size skylights, ensuring you have the perfect protection system, not just something that comes close, or ticks a box.

Click below to download more information on the Sky Angel Domed Skylight Protection System

Sky Angel Domed Skylight Protection September 2019 v1.0 EN


Product Specifications

Sky Angel for Domed Skylights: Product Dimensions