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Bettersafe's principles


We believe in openness above all else. We are honest to a fault to ensure that all our clients are given the exact information they require to ensure that the safety of workers is a priority, that businesses can plan actions to ensure that the work they need to carry out with our equipment is done so in such a way that no-one is ever placed in a position where safety is a question.

Our honesty drives our interactions with our dealers, with our suppliers and with the users of our products. The direct approach we use ensures that the products we supply, the service we provide and the staff we employ are the best in the market, and time scales for development or solutions are the shortest possible.

Safety First

Working at Heights is dangerous. Our belief that Safety First is the best policy underlines everything else we do. The products we sell, the training we provide and the markets we target.

It is the reason we are here. We target market sectors that have issues with height safety, whether it is through lack of suitable equipment or a historic culture of difficulty in compliance. We work to develop equipment that will either plug the gap in the market, or we develop or re-develop products to be the simplest to use to aid compliance.


Whether it is our staff, directors, agents or dealers, the requirement for the right people remains the same.

People work with people, not businesses. Trust is key and we strive to ensure that everyone throughout the chain from Bettersafe International to the User has the same core beliefs as us. The urge to provide a safe and fast solution to the client.

Nothing compromises our push for Safety First, and it is this value coupled with honesty that we push with all our people in order to make them the most trust-worthy in the industry.


Bettersafe International do not have customers, we have Partners. By developing relationships with likeminded companies we can build a route to market that encompasses all our other values and works to increase the safety levels at every level of the fall protection industry.