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Market drivers

Market was primarly driven by legislation

The height safety market is primarily driven by the ever-increasing development of legislation, but more so in recent years the legislation has struggled to keep up with industry changes, and it is here that Bettersafe International excels.

The largest markets for fall protection manufacturers are the construction and industrial maintenance sectors. Bettersafe International have developed products with market assisted design elements to ensure they are the best available.

We have also focused our efforts on providing solutions to niche markets such as transportation. This has led to the development of new products such as the T-Line but has also led us to poorly serviced markets such as crane access, where the TRAM Safety System has been widely deployed.

Once we had established ourselves within the key and niche markets the driver became to improve the safety of standard user requirements, improve on standard market products and services to enhance the experience and safety of installers and users alike.

Bettersafe focus on new solutions

Throughout all of our developments we have thought primarily of the safety of the user, but to the same extent we have looked at who our customers are.  Through this we have developed a technique of product development that is only talked about within other companies. Market Led rather than Manufacturer Led Development.

We work with industry sectors, with safety system installers, fall protection specialists and end users to develop the product for the market into which we are wanting to place it.  There is no special formula here, we just listen to your needs, and those of all the companies we work with to make our products the best they can be for the people who will be using them. You and your customers.

Other companies in the market lead with an end user approach, selling for specification to the user and driving business back to their distribution arm.  This adds cost to the process that is an unnecessary burden on the fall protection installer market.  We do it differently, our product is designed so that the additional level in the sales process is not needed.  It works for the user as well as it works for the installer, and as such the cost of installation is lower, and therefore the cost to the user is lower, and the specification of the product handles itself.