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Sliding fall arresters

Guide type fall arrester on kernmantle rope 30m FA2010220

Product description

Fall Arrester on kernmantle rope 10 mtr with energy absorber

Length : 20m

– Works on 12 mm diameter Polyester kernmantle rope anchorage line (incorporated permanently on the anchorage line) and comes with an energy absorbing element.

– The anchorage line has a steel screw-locking karabiner FA 50 101 17 on one side and a knot on the other side.

– The sewing is protected with a strong transparent covering sleeve which protects the end and also makes the stitches visible for easy inspection prior to use.

– Loops protected by an abrasion resistant tubular webbing.

– Compact energy absorber, protected by a small zipper pouch, easily openable for internal control of the energy absorber webbing.



Standard: EN355:2002

Material: Polyamide

Connectors: 1 Steel screw locking karabiner

Breaking strength: >15 kN