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Self retracting lifelines

Helixon galvanized steel fall arrester 20m FA2040220

Conforms to: EN3602:2002

For vertical use only.


Material: Galvanized steel and Aluminium casing


-1 steel snap hook

-1 steel screw locking karabiner

Lenght: 20m

Max. user weight: 140kg

Product description

HELIXON wire rope, retractable fall arrester 10 m, for vertical use only

 Robust & durable polymer casing, equipped with:

-A carrying handle,

-A wire rope-cleaning brush,

-A window, that can be easily removed for reaching the internal mechanism, in order to inspect it without totally opening the casing.

Comes with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope of diam 4.5 mm, having:

-A connector ref. FA 50 203 20 with load indicator,
-A gripping handle.





Standard: EN360:2002 Material: galvanized steel and Aluminium casing Connectors: 1 steel snap hook and 1 steel screw locking karabiner Length: 20m Max. user weight: 140 KG (veritcal)