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Self retracting lifelines

Olympe-S webbing retractable fall arrester 3.5m FA2050003

Product description

Olympe-S webbing, retractable fall arrester 3.5 m – horizontal and vertical use

Approved for horizontal use (work near sharp edges) according to VG 11.060 (Rev. 08 – 10/2014).

Approved for a user with a max. weight of 100 kg in vertical and horizontal use.

OLYMPE-S webbing, Casing made up of high impact strength Polymer, to prevent breakage. Nearly indestructible.

Internal braking mechanism to reduce the fall arrest force to less than 6kN.

Provided with FA 50 101 17 at anchorage end and FA 50 203 20, with fall indicator, at attachment end.

External inbuilt energy absorber.



Standard: EN360:2002

Material: 25mm polyester webbing

Connectors: 1 Steel snap hook

Breaking strength: >15 kN

Length: 3.5m