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Self retracting lifelines

Galvanized steel fall arrester 10m aluminium casing FA2060010

Product description

OLYMPE, Aluminium casing with galvanized steel wire rope

Approved for a user with a max. weight of 140 kg in vertical use.

Olympe cable, Casing made up of aluminium alloy.

Comes with galvanized steel wire rope of diam 4.5 mm. FA 50 101 17 at anchorage end and FA 50 203 20 at attachment end.



Standard: EN360:2002

Material: galvanized steel and Aluminium casing

Connectors: 1 steel snap hook and 1 steel screw locking karabiner

Length: 10m

Max. user weight: 140 KG (veritcal) 100 KG (horizontal)