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Shock absorbing lanyards

Forked Energy absorbing expandable lanyard 2m FA3082015

Product description

Energy absorbing expandable lanyard

Fall indicator label: Before each use, inspect your energy absorbing lanyard.

If the “NOT OK” sign is visible on the label, this means your equipment has arrested a fall and should not be reused.

Please replace it by a compliant one.

Length : 2 mtr max.

– Energy absorber in 35 mm wide webbing to reduce the impact of the fall (less than 6 kN)

– Made up of 45 mm wide polyester expandable webbing lanyard

– Loops protected by an abrasion resistant tubular webbing.

– Compact energy absorber, protected by a small zipper pouch, easily openable for internal control of the energy absorber webbing.



Standard: EN355:2002

Material: Polyester, Polyamide

Max user weight: 140kg

Connectors: Green aluminium scaffold hooks and a green aluminium snap hook