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4 User horizontal temporary lifeline with O-Rings FA6000701

Product description

4 User Horizontal Temporary Lifeline

Temporary and reusable lifeline specially designed to provide a suitable and safe anchorage to 1, 2, 3 or 4 users at the same time while working.

Total available length: 25 m.

Minimum length
: 5 m.

–  Kernmantle rope (16 mm diam.) equipped with specially designed tensioner that allows tensioning of lifeline between the two supports.

– The tensioner has a tension indicator.

– Has a brass swivel-type end specially designed to prevent any twisting of the rope during the use. Has a stop-knot secured with protective sleeve at the other end, to prevent the rope from accidentally moving out of the tensioner.

– Provided with 2 steel Triple action-locking Karabiners with a 21 mm gate opening (ref. FA 50 301 23) and a transport bag FA 90 107 00.

– Has 4 Forged steel O-Rings for attaching the fall arrest system of each user.

Compliance: EN795:2012 Type C, TS16415:2013 Type C.


  • Standard(S): EN 795:2012 Type C & TS 16415 Type C
  • Material: 16 Mm Dia. Braid On Braid Rope
  • Size: Max Length: 25m
  • Attachement points: 4 Steel O-Rings
  • Connector: Swivel Brass Connector