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Rope Access & Rescue

Lift RES-Q evacuation and rescue device 40m FA7020140

Compliance: EN 341:2011-1A, EN 1496:2007 B.

Maximum descent height: 300m

Maximum lifting height: 300m

Product description

LIFT RES-Q, evacuation and rescue device, 40 m

Lift Res-Q is the perfect device for lifting and rescue operations.

Made of aluminium alloy and high-strength steel and dia. 9.6 mm semi static kernmantle rope assembled with the device.

Rope ends with double figure of 8 knots for connection with karabiner. Provided with 2 hooks ref. FA 50 220 21.

Controlled descent speed: 0.8 m / sec, regardless the weight (max. weight 225kg).

Usable with electric screwdriver: For high ascents.

Brake system: Automatic and redundant.

Maximum no. of users: 2 users – 225 kg.

Inspection: Once a year or every 6000 m of rope.

For specific lengths, you need to associate the following references:

– FA 70 201 00: device only.

– FA 70 009 99: Kernmantle rope per meter.

– FA 70 009 98: Required length of rope with double “figure of 8” knots and automatic locking hook.