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Reduced waste, reduced install time, increased productivity


Roof Angel is an 8mm cable based horizontal lifeline system, comprising of advanced absorption technology based on materials developed for the aerospace industry.  Users will find traversing the system exceptionally uncomplicated through the use of Roof Angel’s ergonomically designed intermediate guide brackets, corner assemblies and various fixings for different roof types.


Roof Angel is independently tested by SATRA to EN795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013 for a variety of installation types.




Unique shock absorption

The patented Roof Angel Absorption System is a four-stage system, using deforming base plates and a patented Polyurethane and stainless steel absorber which is incorporated into the post modules for the top fix system. For wall mounted, or rigid post mounted installations of Roof Angel in line absorbers are used.

Best materials, easy to use

Created with industry partners for rapid installation, ease of user acceptance and low environmental impact the Roof Angel system is designed with the highest quality, lowest corrosion materials, designed to last.

Longer lifespan

Roof Angel is manufactured from a combination of stainless steel, aluminium and Polyurethane, giving Roof Angel an extended lifespan when compared with other systems, and in line with the lifespan of the roofing systems to which it is installed.

Pre-assembled, fast installation time

Roof Angel posts come pre-assembled from the factory, complete with the RA-2006 End Anchor and RA-2003 intermediate guide bracket already installed, saving time on site.

Reduced waste

Roof Angel is delivered to site for you with minimal packaging to reduce the environmental impact created by excessive waste.  With a pallet box containing the posts and cable, and with only fixings box and protection sleeves on the posts as additional unwanted material, the removal of these materials post installation is massively reduced.

Extensive testing program

Our extensive testing procedures are designed to be in excess of the requirements of the standards.  From additional forces to reduced fixings we test in real world and in adverse scenarios. Take a look at our test videos below.

  • Roof Angel test video 2 user (200kg)

  • Roof Angel, adverse testing - reduced number of Rivets to 8 qty and 200kg drop

  • Roof Angel test video 2 user (200kg)