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Lightweight, fast installation, robust and cost effective skylight protection

Roof light safety…made easy

Skylights and fragile roofs can pose an issue for workers required to complete their duties at height. Over time both are prone to weathering and cracking, making them a real safety hazard when carrying out roof maintenance.

Sky Angel is our innovative solution manufactured from recycled materials, an easy to use piece of equipment granting safe access across fragile roof systems. With Sky Angel in place, working at height becomes all the more simple.

Sky Angel is the latest in a long line of products from Bettersafe International. It’s robust, easy to use and kinder to the environment, making it the first choice for reducing the risk of serious injury and death from falls.

Lightweight roof light safety.. Sky Angel

Unlike many other brands, which often use heavy steel, Sky Angel units consist of lightweight PVCu frames. This makes them easy to install, low impact, cost-effective and fully recyclable.

Furthermore, it’s a fully modular system, meaning any roof can safely be navigated.

If used as roof fall covers, the frames feature brightly coloured exterior strips, so that workers have a demarcation route to follow. The panels have been specifically created to be unobtrusive when installed; so they let as much natural light in as possible.

For all your fragile roof health and safety issues, Sky Angel’s flexible, reliable design means that staying safe is easier than ever.


  • Weight:          8kg
  • Dimensions:  2000 x 1060mm
  • Cover Width: 2000 x 1000 cover

  • Weight:           5kg
  • Dimensions:  1000 x 1060mm
  • Cover Width: 1000 x 1000 cover


Fixing Detail:

SFS IRIUS Tek Screws with Sealing pads.



  • Frame:             Recycled uPVC
  • Cover Mesh:    Galvanized Steel
  • Fixings:            SFS Irius Screws SS 316