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Mobile Cranes

Working safely on cranes


Working on cranes, whether they are mobile cranes or site installed is inherently dangerous.


With fall risks on all sides, machinery and traffic as additional hazards the TRAM system offers 100% protection using restraint principles whilst giving full access to the work area.


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Safe access to ISO Tanks


ISO Tanks are similar to Road Tankers in their working at height risks in that the access requirements can be anywhere at any time, removing the possibility of ensuring safety through site based installations.


The ISO TRAM solution provides site wide safety for the access and maintenance of ISO Tanks, using the same restraint principles as the individual installations.


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Road Tanker

Road tanker access is no issue


Road Tankers offer dangers different to most work areas. The access platforms and ladders are subject to whatever weather is prevalent at the time, giving rise to increased risks of slips and falls.


Installation of a Mobile TRAM or a Fixed TRAM can ensure safety for access to a single hatch point or indeed several hatch points along the length of a tank.


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