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TRAM - Mobile Cranes

Working on cranes, whether they are mobile cranes or site installed is inherently dangerous.

With fall risks on all sides, machinery and traffic as additional hazards the TRAM system offers 100% protection using restraint principles whilst giving full access to the work area.

Specially designed anchorage solutions are provided by the team at Bettersafe to suit your specific requirements.

Access to maintenance areas provides specific access needs. Standard fall protection often wont work due to the low clearance allowances.

The TRAM system overcomes these issues using restraint principles and assisted access to remove the risk of a fall during access and maintenance.

Mobile Cranes offer unique problems when it comes to essential and emergency repairs. If a crane is out of service on a site more often than not there is no means of safe access to the arm.

This issue is removed by the installation of a TRAM system.

Access along the boom in complete safety and with a stable hand hold ensures that the worker is able to carry out the task at hand without the risk of falling.

Suitable for standard mobile cranes, rough terrain cranes and static base cranes the TRAM is the ideal solution to working at height.

With our specifically developed methods of fixing we can ensure a safe anchorage without any risk to the crane structure.