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TRAM - Total Access Restraint Module for Road Tankers

Road Tankers offer dangers different to most work areas.

The access platforms and ladders are subject to whatever weather is prevalent at the time, giving rise to increased risks of slips and falls.

The unique nature of the industries where tank containers are used means that access is required in all-weather to load, empty and maintain tanks, both on site and at the delivery point.

Access to maintenance areas provides specific access needs. Standard fall protection often won’t work due to the low clearance allowances.

Recommended by the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) the TRAM system overcomes these issues using restraint principles and assisted access to remove the risk of a fall during access and maintenance.

Regardless of the design of the tanker, the TRAM system can be installed to suit the access and work requirements.

Height is not an issue, including clearance for bridges as the TRAM can be installed within the current profile in many cases.

Installation of a Mobile TRAM or a Fixed TRAM can ensure safety for access to a single hatch point or indeed several hatch points along the length of a tank.

Unique in the industry the TRAM offers freedom of movement and 100% safety wherever your vehicle is stationed.

TRAM brochures and manuals