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TRAM - Travel Restraint Access Module

Simple yet effective

The TRAM is a unique height safety system that is simple to use, provides the operator with full mobility and yet completely prevents the user from falling to another level.

Stability, Mobility, Safety

The TRAM arm raises and lowers with the assistance of a gas piston. This aids the user in platform access and egress, as well as when changing between standing and squatting positions while working. The arm acts as a moving handhold, providing stability for the user on the platform. While properly connected to the TRAM, the user can conduct their work efficiently, safe in the knowledge that they cannot fall.

No risk of a fall

While other height safety systems will arrest a free fall, they can expose the user to suspension related issues or the risk of hitting obstacles while falling. TRAM overcomes this safety issue while also reducing the likelihood and consequence of a fall on the same level.

TRAM – Protects during access and egress

Statistics show that the transfer between the ladder and the platform or walkway (access and egress) is particularly hazardous for those working at height. As well as preventing falls on the platform or walkway, TRAM provides protection for the user when making the transition between the ladder and the platform or walkway. No other safety system in the world provides this level of protection. When connected to a TRAM, you cannot fall.

TRAM brochures and manuals