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Weight Angel & Roof Angel combined
A non penetrative restraint access line

Weight Angel and Roof Angel can be used in conjunction with each other to create a non-penetrative horizontal lifeline.

The unique way in which we have developed our range of systems mean that the Weight Angel and Roof Angel have interchangeable components, meaning the Roof Angel components fit directly to the Weight Angel post with no modification required.

This system is designed as a restraint access line, but should fall arrest be required then you can install on each Weight Angel a thro plate and D-Ring.

This then means that each Weight Angel can be used as an individual fall arrest anchorage point, with the lifeline still being used as a restraint access line.

Below are details of the different options, showing the application of the Thro Plates for the fall arrest option, compared with the restraint only option.



Please note that although the Weight Angel is a self install product, when used with the Roof Angel system a Bettersafe International Accredited Installer must perform the installation.

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